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Custom Synthesis

The team at SYNthesis are a group of talented and inquisitive scientists who are always up for a challenge in Synthetic Chemistry and possess the experience and know-how to deliver.

We welcome the opportunity to prepare any molecule our customers can think up, with qualifications to conduct chemistry of varying levels of complexity. This includes use of described routes for preparation of literature compounds or design and execution of efficient chemistry towards novel targets.

Upon receipt of request for preparation of a molecule, the required Chemistry will be rapidly assessed by our team and feedback provided quickly. In the majority of cases, a fixed price (Fee for Service) quotation will be issued where SYNthesis will draw on its experience or suitable literature precedent to deliver. In some cases where the required chemistry is speculative, SYNthesis may make a recommendation to explore the proposed target under a short, initial Full Time Equivalent (FTE) arrangement, with key ‘Go/No-Go’ decision points put in place to ensure maximal resource efficiency.

SYNthesis has the infrastructure and expertise to conduct a full range of modern synthetic organic chemistry. Some examples include:

  • Focused libraries (H2L, LO and Scaffold Hopping)
  • Heterocyclic & hetero-aromatic chemistry
  • Natural products & Asymmetric synthetic chemistry
  • Reference compounds (from mg to 1 kg batches)
  • Milligram scale to kilo scale
  • Final target compounds (<250 g) and route optimization.
  • Short chain peptides, cyclic-peptide and peptidomimetic chemistry (solution phase)
  • Stable isotope-labelled synthesis


  • 18 linear steps and 22 steps overall.
  • Literature route modified for higher efficiency
  • Final target achieved in gram quantities


  • Lengthy synthesis involving chiral building blocks
  • Final target achieved on multi-gram scale


  • Carbohydrate based chemistry requiring strictly anhydrous conditions


  • Lengthy, large scale chemistry
  • Construction of multiple heterocycles
  • Final target achieved on multi-gram scale

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