Protein Production & Structural Biology

Viva Biotech is a world leader in Protein production and X-ray crystallography. Viva has now solved over 40,000 protein structures including the structures of membrane proteins (GPCR’s) and PROTAC ternary complexes. Information generated from these structures has accelerated our client programs allowing application of structure based drug design to inform intelligent design.

Protein expression & purification

With an ability to work across multiple expression systems including E.Coli, yeast, insect and mamalian cell lines Viva is well placed to work with any protein of interest.

X-ray Crystal Structure Analysis of Protein

Our Viva colleagues have established the world’s largest protein structure research platform, providing high quality protein and structural biology services to global customers. With access to beam time across a global network of synchrotron facilities, Viva deliver over 8000 structures annually for their clients.


Resources & data;

  • Viva collaborates with 12 synchrotron facilities
  • High throughput instruments (NT8, Mosquito, Dragonfly, RockImager)
  • 39,643+ structures
  • 1,857+ proteins
  • 100+ PROTAC ternary structures
  • ~50 Ab/Ag complex structures

Cryo-EM Technology Platform;

Viva currently possesses two high-end Cryo-EMs (Talos120, Glacios) and supporting equipment and instruments.

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