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Medicinal Chemistry

Our Medicinal Chemistry team are all strong organic chemists by formation and have further developed their medicinal chemistry knowledge by collaborating with, and next to, many of our industry’s leading Biotech and Pharma companies.

We have worked on many different therapeutic areas, with different target product profiles dependent on the project. Our highly-skilled Medicinal Chemists have applied their experience, know-how, techniques and understanding to the discovery and subsequent development of compounds to tackle a selection of diseases.

We offer Medicinal Chemistry services as standalone (full/partial project review, SAR analysis, gap finding, new design ideas generation, patent busting…etc) or as part of an integrated Discovery program.

Our Medicinal Chemistry team has a strong background of technical expertise and project delivery, gained from leading Drug Discovery programs within Biotech companies to collaborating with some of the industry-leading Biotech and Pharma companies as service providers. We know how to progress compounds from hit identification to preclinical candidate selection and beyond.

Our senior level Medicinal Chemists will help you drive and succeed in your drug discovery program with our intellectual know-how that has led to the discovery of multiple clinical candidates in collaboration with our clients.

At SYNthesis med chem, we believe in transparency between our Medicinal Chemistry project managers, our laboratory bench Synthetic Chemists and our clients to add value to your project by working side by side and with constant exchanges and frequent communication.

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