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Integrated Drug Discovery

SYNthesis med chem has been providing Drug Discovery chemistry services to clients globally since 2007. Our approach is unique, combining project-proven, innovative Medicinal Chemistry expertise with flexible, reliable and cost-effective Synthetic Chemistry resources. Joining the Viva Biotech family in 2021 has allowed our Medicinal Chemists to work alongside colleagues in Structural & Discovery Biology, Computational Chemistry and DMPK to efficiently deliver fully integrated Drug Discovery projects.

SYNthesis med chem’s team are part of an ecosystem capable of delivering fully integrated Drug Discovery projects. For example, the services shown relate to PROTAC Drug Discovery programs.

Medicinal Chemistry-driven Integrated Drug Discovery projects

As well as directing key chemistry contributions, our collaborative model for Integrated Drug Discovery involves our experienced Medicinal Chemistry Project Managers leading the program, often alongside our Client’s Program Manager, with responsibility levels agreed & assigned at project outset (sometimes we run projects almost completely independently), to deliver the program milestones.

Our approach to delivering fully integrated Drug Discovery projects

Our Medicinal Chemistry Project Manager acts as the point contact for all contributors to the project from all functions and encourages effective communication between and contribution from all disciplines, ensuring no project or thought ‘silos’.

Our approach to delivering fully integrated Drug Discovery projects

Working with colleagues from a wide variety of scientific disciplines as part of our Integrated Drug Discovery Team

As projects progress from Hit identification (HitID) to Hit-to-Lead (H2L) to Lead Optimisation (LO) and Preclinical Candidate (PCC) nomination stages, our Medicinal chemists will be working closely alongside colleagues in:

Hit Discovery: using our compound libraries (diversity, fragment, GPCR-focused & covalent) & screening technologies (HTS, ASMS, virtual screening, crystal soaking, SPR, Intact-MS)

Biology: developing suitable bioassays for regular screening and selecting key compounds for structural biology

Computer-Aided Drug Design (CADD): using computational chemistry methods for predictions of toxicological and pharmacological properties, cluster analysis of protein pockets, featured enhanced molecular dynamics sampling and free energy calculations

DMPK: initially for in vitro ADME; then subsequently in vivo PK, including route of administration, dosage & form; and biomarkers and toxicology: metabolite ID, tissue distribution, maximum tolerated dose

Ensuring Optimal Cycle Times in Integrated Drug Discovery

From compound design, through compound synthesis and purification, to biological testing, our Medicinal Chemistry Project Managers continuously look for process improvements to optimise the key Design-Make-Test-Analyse cycle time which drives Drug Discovery projects.

Ensuring an optimal Design-Make-Test-Analyse cycle

Integrated Drug Discovery Project Experience Across Modalities

Whilst our integrated Drug Discovery work has historically been focused towards small molecule inhibitors of targets such as kinases and GPCRs, we are increasingly working on compounds to address newer Drug Discovery modalities, such as Targeted Protein Degradation, where we have developed significant experience of proximity-inducing compounds such as PROTACs and molecular glues.

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