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Working With Us

We have a clear focus on delivering high quality, innovative chemistry

Our experienced project teams provide problem solving expertise and intellectual input into our clients’ Synthetic Chemistry challenges and Drug Discovery program requirements.

We are a well-trained and highly-motivated chemistry team

Our company offers chemists a clear and supported path of career development. It is an environment where our chemists are given opportunities and allowed to learn and grow, which has resulted in a low turn-over of staff, ensuring client continuity and IP security

We provide honest and transparent communication with our clients at all times

A Dedicated Project/Study Leader is assigned as point of contact at the outset of all projects, whether it is the custom synthesis of a single compound or a large, integrated Drug Discovery project, requiring teamwork from across scientific disciplines. This working approach allows for the rapid identification of any potential issues and the earliest possible planning of re-design solutions, where an open dialogue with our clients and colleagues ensures agreement on the best route forward.

We offer Medicinal Chemistry expertise globally, with team members located in Australia, China, America, The United Kingdom and Europe

Our project teams, who have an impressive track record of delivery across all stages of Drug Discovery, are carefully assembled to deliver the requirements of a particular project, which might include:

  • Our intellectual input into compound design
  • Our independent problem solving and course correction
  • Our anticipation of client needs, through efficient communication
  • A need to be creative, to recognise and solve challenges


The expertise of our medicinal chemists complements the skills & capabilities of the company’s China-based synthetic chemists. It allows our bench chemists to focus on productivity. It also provides an environment within which our synthetic chemists are trained to become medicinal chemists.

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