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Focused library synthesis

The client in this program is a medium sized biotech with ongoing big pharma collaborations. They have an internal team of medicinal chemists but were looking for increased chemistry bandwidth. The company has its own internal biology which they were keen to maintain.

The Target:

The projects pursued within this collaboration are ongoing. To this point SYNthesis has worked with this client on three different kinase targets and one epigenetic target. The chemistry resource was split between two projects concurrently with resource numbers altered by request.

The Chemistry:

Multiple chemical series were pursued concurrently for each of the targets investigated. It was not uncommon to be working with four or more scaffolds within the one sub-project. The chemistry involved has been largely heterocyclic aromatic chemistry as would be expected for a kinase target. SYNthesis have provided target molecules in amounts of 20-50 mg at over 95% purity as well as scale up intermediates (~10 g quantities) for use both at SYNthesis and by the client’s internal chemists. SYNthesis also provided scale up amounts of final compounds for in-vivo studies in amounts of 100 mg or more with greater than 97% purity with no impurity over 1%.


Number of Chemists


Average number of steps per compound


Average productivity (final compounds per fortnight


Length of Contract

2 years – ongoing

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