Hit Discovery

The purchase, establishment and screening of compound libraries is a key first step in the identification of hit compounds.

Our parent company, Viva Biotech has designed a compound library that is guided by the structural diversity, physicochemical characteristics, druggability, and solubility of the compounds incorporated. This large, diverse library is continuously optimised by a team of medicinal chemistry, computational chemistry and hit discovery experts. In addition, Viva has a range of advanced screening technologies, which can be used to screen either the Viva large diversity compound library, other Viva libraries, which include two Fragment libraries (totalling 3000 compounds), a GPCR-focused library (with 6500 compounds) a recently created covalent library (with 1000 compounds), as well as compound libraries which are provided by our clients for their projects.

Screening Technologies

We are able to utilise the following screening technologies to discover hit compounds;



Crystal Soaking Technology

Intact-MS Technology

HTS Technology

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