Medicinal and Synthetic Chemistry Expertise , synthesis med chem

SYNthesis med chem, Viva Biotech providing innovation and support to Targeted Protein Degradation (TPD) Drug Discovery projects

At SYNthesis med chem, we are working alongside colleagues at Viva Biotech to provide access to all of the services our clients need to effectively progress PROTAC and Molecular Glue (MG) projects through Discovery and into Development. Our services include:


  • Structural Biology, where our team have now solved over 100 PROTAC ternary complex structures
  • Protein Production & Purification, where our group now has experience of working with more than 50 E3 ligases
  • Affinity Selection Mass Spectrometry (ASMS), with our platform increasingly used to identify molecular glues and novel E3 ligases
  • SPR and crystal soaking, complementary techniques used to confirm molecular glues and novel E3 ligase binders discovered from our Fragment, Diverse and Covalent libraries. We’re additionally using our many years of experience with SPR to determine binding kinetics of PROTAC ternary complexes
  • Medicinal Chemistry, where our scientists are continually incorporating new chemical entities to our off-the-shelf PROTAC toolkit to help solve challenges such as cell permeability, PK and oral bioavailability
  • Binding, Degradation and Cellular Function Assays, which we know can be particularly challenging for TPD projects – that’s why we’ve built a robust screening platform for better PROTAC and MG assessment
  • PR&D and CMC activities, provided by our Development Chemistry colleagues at Langhua Pharma, as companies look to ensure compound supply as, excitingly, they advance PROTACS and MGs into clinical development

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